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3 Tips to Reduce Biohazard Risk at Home with Pets

Published by 911 Restoration San Diego on March 16, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

As adopted parents of various animals, it is the responsibility of humans to911 Restoration A-Family-with-Pets San Diego ensure complete safety for themselves and their adopted pets and prevent biohazard risk at home. Almost all indoor pets, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, squirrels, etc., can be curious about the spaces where they reside. Despite years of training and domestication, their animalistic tendencies may also kick in at times. Both curiosity and animal instincts can make pets explore and, as a result, destroy many things around their home.

Parents of adopted pets may sometimes be unaware of these explorations and destructions. As a result, the destruction may advance and become harmful for the health of both the pets and the humans in the house. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot leave your pet alone at all. If you are thinking of adopting a pet or if you are tired of your pet destroying various objects around the house, here are some tips that might be helpful:

Cover and Hide Trash Cans

Many pets can end up in trash cans during playtime or out of curiosity. While a pet falling in a trash can and struggling to come out might seem humorous, it can be very dangerous to their health and the health of their humans. Trash cans, especially those placed in kitchens and bathrooms, can contain an infinite number of germs. Pet fur can carry these germs from outside the trash can and spread them all over the house.

These germs can severely harm the pet and can also prove to be harmful to others at home. Those with weak immunity, such as children and older individuals, can experience severe health consequences from these germs.

However, you can prevent biohazard risk associated with pets and trashcans by purchasing covered trashcans for every house. Placing trashcans in the cabinets under the sink in bathrooms and kitchen also promotes pet safety and wellbeing for the humans at home. You should also use trash can bags with all trashcans and replace the trash bags every day or every other day to ensure maximum hygiene at home. Rodent proofing the home can also ensure that your pets aren’t interacting with harmful pests.

Hide or Remove All Wires

Animals can chew wires for several reasons, to keep their teeth from growing too much, relieve the pain of growing teeth, out of curiosity, and even boredom. While the act of chewing wires may be harmless on your pet’s part, it can be very harmful to the home itself and everyone who occupies it.

Chewed up wires can increase the fire risk in the house. Short circuits and sparks can also occur. Moreover, a pet trying to chew a plugged-in wire with the switch on can end up electrocuted and dead. Pet parents can also get electrocuted while plugging in or using chewed-up wire appliances. Moreover, chewed up wires can also cause an electric malfunction in the house, resulting in a loss of power of fire outbreak?

Hence, exposed wires in a home with pets, or even little children, can be a treat to pet safety and even to the health of humans in any house. As a pet parent, you need to actively hide or remove all wires and cables from around the house. Train your pets to only chew their chew toys can also help. If you own the house you live in, consider investing money to make the home wireless. Life is a wireless home that can bring you a lot of peace of mind in the long run.

In case of a fire at home, don’t forget to get a fire and smoke damage restoration service to ensure the complete safety of the home before occupying it. Smoke damage can be harmful to the health of pets. Untreated fire damage can also increase the risk of fire at home, especially with pets around, making it essential to prevent biohazard risk caused by fire.

Make Spaces Inaccessible for Pets

While it might be difficult to keep an eye on your pet at all times, you can ensure some safety measures around the house so that your pet doesn’t get into spaces where they aren’t supposed to be. For example, a fence in front of the stairs or a fireplace can enhance pet safety and the safety of your home at the same time.

You can also install safety locks for cabinets and appliances placed on the ground, such as the oven and dishwasher. Keeping toilet seats down, lids of washer and dryers closed, and the doors closed for rooms that aren’t prepared for uncheck pet intrusion can also help significantly. When doing chores around the house in the presence of pets, double-check when closing cabinets and drawers to ensure your pet isn’t stuck anywhere.

Finally, you can also get help from a professional restoration service to pet-proof your home. Many restoration companies, such as the 911 Attic Services, provide complete services to make your home safer for your pet and yourself. 911 Attic Services also treats any damage your pet might have caused to your home and ensure safety measures for it to avoid happening again.

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