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Warning Signs of Water Pipes That Are About to Rupture

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As a homeowner, the last thing you want is for your water pipe to rupture911 Restoration Water-Pipes San Diego and eventually burst. Pipe bursts can have significant damage, requiring costly repairs. The water from a burst pipe may begin to leak under floorboards, cabinets. This water will seep into crevices. If this water damage goes unnoticed, this could lead to mold growth. Mold growth is a hassle, which will require home restoration services that include water damage restoration and mold remediation.

Dealing with a burst pipe can be extensive and expensive. This is because you’re not just dealing with replacing the ruptured pipe, but the after-effects of it as well. What’s even worse is that you may realize the extent of damage after your basement has already been flooded as a result of pipe burst, leading to a horrible stench, mold and other damage.

Why Do Water Pipes Rupture?

There are many causes of water pipe bursts. Homeowners can benefit from knowing some of the most common risk factors. The most common reason behind pipe bursts is freezing when the water running through your pipes freezes in one spot. As more water accumulates in one area, more pressure is exerted, causing pipes to burst.

Over time, water pipes suffer wear and tear. Corrosion is also a common factor that causes pipes to rupture and leak. Lastly, clogged pipes also cause rupture. Hair, cleaning products and thick solutions may cause clogging, leading to pipe bursts.

4 Warning Signs of Water Pipes That Are About to Rupture

Given the extent of damage that a pipe burst can cause, prevention is always better than cure. For this reason, homeowners can benefit greatly if they spot the warning signs of water pipes that are about to rupture in a timely manner and prevent this from happening. Simply get the pipe fixed without the detrimental following water and mold damage.

1.    Accumulation of Frost on the Outside of Water Pipes

Frost can look lovely in many areas, just not when it’s on your water pipes. Accumulation of frost on the outside of water pipes is indicative that there is ice inside. Frozen water pipes are the leading cause of pipe bursts, so this should be a sign that your water pipe may be about to rupture.

This is a very easy telltale sign, warning you that you need to act fast. However, this often goes unnoticed because we aren’t actively for signs. To avoid this, you should regularly inspect any exposed water pipes in your home, especially the basement.  If you spot any frost, you need help.

2.    Changes in Water Pressure and Flow

When you’re using your washing machine, shower or faucet, the water pressure and flow should be even and consistent. However, if it isn’t, this may indicate a deeper problem than just minor inconvenience while you’re showering or washing the dishes. This could mean that your pipe is clogged at some point. When pipes are clogged, pressure builds up inside the pipes, which may lead to pipe rupture or burst.

If you notice that the water pressure and flow is constantly fluctuating, you should inspect your water pipes. To avoid a pipe burst, you should work to spot the actual spot where the clog is and then get it removed. This will ensure a smooth flow of water without any extra pressure.

3.    Cold Water Runs Even When Hot Water is Turned On

When you turn on the hot water knob, it will take some time for hot water to start running through. However, if hot water does not flow through, this may be indicative that there is trouble in that your pipes are frozen. Frozen pipes can cause pressure buildup, possibly leading to a ruptured water pipe.

To prevent the disastrous pipe burst, you should get help and get your water pipes fixed as soon as possible. This way, you’ll not only dodge expensive repair costs but also avoid the inconvenience of getting icy cold water in the shower on a chilly winter evening!

4.    Musty Odor from Tap or Drain

If you detect an odd smell from your tap or drain, this may indicate a heavy blockage somewhere in the water pipe. When a pipe gets clogged, this clog, whatever it may be, catches debris. Hair, cleaning solutions, detergents, foam can all cause clogs in your water pipes.

This debris will start to decompose, releasing a foul smell that will seep through your water. If you detect an odor, you shouldn’t wait any longer as this means the clog has been collecting for some time, and now, the pipe may just be on the verge of bursting. To prevent this, get your water pipes cleaned before any extensive damage is done.

911 Attic Services of San Diego

Water pipe bursts and ruptures can lead to extensive destruction around the house. A pipe burst will cause water and mold damage or flooding in your basement, which will require restoration services.

To stop the problem from reaching this point, you should keep a lookout for the common warning signs that your water pipes are about to rupture.

To do this, you can avail the expert 911 Attic Services of San Diego and keep your home safe from water and miscellaneous damage.

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