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Rodent Proofing San Diego

It’s quite usual for rats and other rodents to scurry near your property every once in a while, since they are indigenous animals that thrive in the sunny San Diego climate. However, when you begin to notice multiple rodents in and around your home or business, you may be dealing with a rodent infestation.

Rats are the most common critter that you will find dwelling in your property, and although they may look relatively harmless, they are actually quite dangerous.

These pests easily spread disease, cause structural damage and contaminate food. Rats cause diseases in humans and pets by carrying parasites such as tapeworm, causing rat bite fever, causing food poisoning by contaminating food with their droppings and even spreading plague.

Roof rats are typically found in homes in San Diego because of their desire to climb, rather than burrow. Some signs that roof rats may be infesting your residential or commercial property include:

● Bark stripped from nearby trees
● Small piles of snail shells and wood chips outside
● Scurrying sounds in your walls
● Sounds of scratching in the attic
● Rat droppings in your panty, kitchen, garage and storage spaces
● Grease marks near your baseboards
● Food containers that have been ripped open
● Signs of chewing

911 Attic Services serves all of San Diego County by offering complete rodent removal services to home and business owners. If you notice any signs that rats may be infesting your property give our rodent removal San Diego experts a call right away.

Deciphering What Kind Of Rodents May Be Living In Your Attic

Along with rats, there may be other rodents living in your property. Squirrels, raccoons and opossums are all types of wildlife that may make take up residence in your building.

The warm weather makes residential and commercial spaces the perfect spot for squirrels to call their home and by moving in they can create extensive property damage.

Their ability to chew through all types of material, including wire and cable, give them the reputation of being even more damaging than rats. Squirrels seemingly never sleep and can be heard working away day and night in your attic and walls.

The nocturnal opossum will also be heard stomping around your attic at night, which can actually be quite frightening since they have the ability to sound like human footsteps.

Although they don’t cause as much property damage as squirrels, opossums pose a risk to your health through their ability to transfer fleas, parasites and mites onto you and your pets.

Raccoons are another rodent that will keep you up at night. They are known as the loudest rodent and will invade your attic in droves.

Along with being noisy, raccoons are also extremely dangerous. Their species is the largest carrier of rabies and their excrement is incredibly toxic. With that being said, if you see a raccoon, or any rodent for that matter, make sure to stay away and call the professionals at 911 Attic Services immediately.

Rodent Proofing Your Home Or Business

Even though rodents have a means to finding their way into your property, there are things you can do to keep them out.

One of the easiest and most obvious step you can take is checking the outside of your property for holes that may allow wildlife to come inside. Even gaps as small as a quarter are large enough for rodents to squeeze into, so take note of holes of all sizes.

By using 18-22 gauge wire cloth that is 1/4 inch thick you can cover all the openings you find. This will sufficiently keep out even the smallest rodents. You can also put metal weather stripping under your doors to really be extra safe.

You should also make sure to keep your garbage cans covered at all times. Raccoons especially love digging through the trash to look for treats, so keep the lids on to make this harder for them.

If you have any fruit trees on the property you should clean up fallen fruit before it attracts animals. You should also limit the amount of food you store in your garage, since scavenging for food is the main reason why rodents invade homes.

Inside of your home you should only use traps and not poison. This is to limit the chances of animals dying in your walls and rotting. This creates a terrible odor and will attract flies.

Use snap traps in entry points, so you can dispose of the carcass right when the animal becomes trapped. Just make sure to keep your pets away from these traps, since they may also be attracted to the bait.

Our rodent removal San Diego pros will provide you with a free inspection and estimate when we are called to check your property for rats, squirrels, raccoons and other critters, so give us a call today!

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